Community Support

Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
W.P.G. The Wealth Planning Group with their partners and associates are actively contributing back to the community. Thanks to Dave Watson, who conceived the idea of the Ride for Rehab snowmobile event, his leadership has made it the most successful fund raiser for the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. The Ride has brought in over $350,000.00 in support of Manitoba’s children living with disabilities - and there’s more events to come! The W.P.G. Ride for Rehab’s influence goes far beyond the event as it successfully builds new community support and public awareness about the special needs of these children and their families.

Thanks to the W.P.G. The Wealth Planning Group Ride for Rehab hundreds of children are living with a better quality of life in their homes and communities. Children have light weight wheelchairs, kick sleds and heavy strollers for rural transportation, computers with special access controls, communication tools, shower chairs, bikes that enable them to leave their wheelchairs...and more. Also the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, which serves over 15,000 families throughout Manitoba and the surrounding areas, now holds the W.P.G. Bike Clinic which enables hundreds of families annually to have their children’s bikes modified to meet their special needs.

For more information about W.P.G. The Wealth Planning Group’s community initiatives contact Dave or the Children’s Rehab Foundation directly at

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