Building Lasting Legacies for Canadians who care

The Wealth Planning TeamWe help our clients build two lasting legacies; the first legacy is one they build for themselves by accumulating assets to provide a sustainable and lasting income for their retirement years.

The second legacy is the one they build for others; it could be for their children, grand-children, employees, favoured charity or even their own personal foundation.

Everyone has unique objectives for their legacies, and how they want to be remembered - what do YOU want for your lasting legacy?



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The Value of Financial Advice

Growing, protecting and transferring your wealth requires a good plan - one that will be suited to your needs, goals, aspirations, circumstances, lifestyle and life stages.

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  • When we met with Michael and Jason a few years ago, they were able to fix the mess we had from a previous advisor. Thanks to them we're back on track  financially.

    - Marty & Candace
  • Jason & Mike are experts when it comes to product knowledge recommendations. They always make sure that they work with clients' interest & that’s their priority.

    - Emily Alfonso